General FAQWhat is Windfall?

Windfall is made up of performance- and education-oriented components, including the Windfall Dance Company, the Windfall Youth Company, the Reading Through Movement Literacy Project, and the Windfall Dance Studio.

Is Windfall a not-for-profit organization?

Windfall is a fully qualified 501 (c)3 non-profit organization.

How is Windfall funded?

Tuition from the Windfall School of Dance serves as the major source of Windfall’s revenue. In addition, Windfall has been the recipient of numerous grants from a variety of sources, including Indiana Arts Council, Bloomington Community Arts Commission, Monroe County Community School Foundation, Lawrence County Foundation, and the Morgan County Library Foundation. We also rely on donations from individuals who care about the availability of dance performance and classes in the community.

Who runs Windfall?

Windfall is governed by a Board of Directors (made up of people like you) which oversees financial aspects of the organization, develops long-range planning, and oversees staff. Members of the adult performing company collectively make decisions concerning the artistic direction of the organization.

How can I join one of Windfall’s performance groups?

The adult company holds auditions on a regular basis, typically in the summer, fall, and spring. Check the home page of this site for audition announcements. An orientation is held each semester for those interested in joining the youth company. See the “Youth Company” link for more information.

I’m not a very good dancer; will Windfall’s classes be difficult?

Dancing is about having fun and expressing yourself. Windfall’s teachers are there to help you have fun while improving your skills and learning to do things you never thought you could do. It’s a great stress reliever after work, too.

What dance classes does Windfall offer?

Visit the Class Schedule page to find out what classes we offer for adults and children.