Class Descriptions

Please note that not all classes described below are offered every session, as offerings are based on minimum enrollment of 4 students. See Schedule & Pricing for current offerings.

Children (ages 3 to 12)

Toddler Time (ages 18-36 months)

Little dancers join with their parent to experience the joy of moving. Classes will include songs, games, and basic dance instruction. Bring your little one for a class that embraces the special relationship between parent and child.

Creative Movement (ages 3-5)

Creative Movement uses the child’s natural movement as a foundation to build upon. Children will discover and explore the joy of movement as they develop body awareness through creative games, stretches, and beginning dance elements. Play clothes and bare feet are appropriate.

Kindertap (ages 3-5)

Creative Movement meets Tap in this fun filled tap class for children ages 3-5! This is a low pressure, game oriented way to introduce you child to basic Tap technique. The only requirements for this class are a pair of Tap shoes and a smile

Children’s Ballet Jazz Fusion (age 4-6 and 7-12)

Dancers in this class learn foundational concepts in a fun fusion of Ballet and Jazz. These concepts include: alignment, foot positions, balance, footwork, turns, leaps, and stretches. Dancers also engage in some creative problem solving and improvisation exercises to develop their creativity.

Pre-Ballet (ages 5-7)

Dancers get a peek into the fundamentals of Ballet while embracing their instinctive creative abilities. Dancers will enjoy technical sequences through fun music, songs, and improvisational movement exercises.

Children’s Ballet/Tap (ages 5-7)

This class is designed for students ages 5 – 7 years who are interested in participating in both ballet and tap technique.  It is developed especially for young students to expand their knowledge of ballet/tap terminology and steps in a fun environment!  It is taught in a 50/50 structure, so there will be 30 minutes of each style at each class. Dance ware of choice, tap shoes and ballet slippers would be appropriate attire.

Children’s Ballet (ages 7 and up)

Our Ballet program offers students an opportunity to learn ballet technique and choreography in a safe and fun environment.  Students advance by permission of instructor. Students in Ballet 3 are encourage to attend two ballet classes a week. Ballet 1 students should wear a leotard and tights of choice, ballet slippers and hair back. Ballet 2 and 3 students should have a black leotard, pink tights and black leggings (may also have additional leotards of choice for class) ballet slippers, hair pulled back. Skirts are acceptable in all levels.

Children’s Tap (ages 7-12)

This class teaches kids the technique of Tap dancing as well as choreography. This class is beginner friendly. Tap shoes required, dancewear or athletic wear are appropriate.

Musical Theater (ages 8-14)

Learn how to dance like a Broadway star in this choreography driven class! Dancers will work on dance technique while learning dances to popular musicals. Come dressed to move in dancewear or athletic wear, jazz shoes required.

Children’s Hip Hop (ages 7-12)

Based on the popular adult version of this class, Children’s Hip Hop will teach younger students isolating movements, rhythms, and basic hip hop techniques. Choreography will be taught and repeated in order for the younger dancer to grow comfortable with movement before moving on. This is a class full of energy! Athletic wear, dancewear, and (clean) tennis shoes would be appropriate attire.

Children’s Contemporary (ages 7-12)

This class introduces modern technique, musicality, and body awareness. Personal choreography may be included and encouraged. Athletic wear, dancewear, and bare feet would be appropriate.

Children’s Jazz (ages 7-12)

Children’s jazz gives students a strong base in dance technique from which they can build and use in several other styles. This class allows the young dancer to develop in an upbeat setting in which they will experience the discipline of technique, the challenge of choreography, and the reward of performance. Level of difficulty will be based on the overall level of registered students. Athletic wear, dancewear and jazz shoes would be appropriate attire.

Youth Company (ages 8-18)

More information here!

Teen & Adult (ages 12 and up)

Genre Intensives

A four week workshop that will let dancers explore genres of dance not typically offered at the studio. This session we are offering four exciting genre intensives. Musical Theater will teach characterization, performance, and Broadway style movement. Hip Hop for Show Choir will develop on the dance fundamentals needed to be a showstopper. Composition & Improvisation will help to make dancers comfortable with creation by give the building blocks of creating movement, both impromptu and choreographic. And Ballet Variations will teach classic repertoire pieces made famous by their musicality and beauty. Dates for these specific workshops are listed below.

Adult Ballet 1

Have you always wanted to learn Ballet but never had the chance? Join us for this low pressure introduction to the basic technique of Ballet. This class focuses on basic steps, alignment, and musicality in a safe and fun environment! Appropriate attire would be athletic, yoga, or dancewear (please no baggy clothing) and ballet slippers.

Adult Ballet 2

This class is ideal for the intermediate dancer with previous Ballet experience. Students will continue to develop their technique, vocabulary, and musicality. Appropriate attire would be fitted athletic, yoga, or dancewear and ballet slippers. Hair must be pulled back.

Adult Ballet 3

This high paced technique driven class is for the experienced Ballet dancer. Movement quality, musicality and stage presence are emphasized. Appropriate attire would be fitted athletic, yoga, or dancewear and ballet slippers. Hair must be pulled back. Students may take class en pointe if they wish by permission of the instructor.

Beginning Pointe

Dancers in this class will perform the basic training for pointe; consisting of strengthening and developing articulation in the feet, ankles, and legs. Because of the technical and difficult nature of pointe work, at least 3 years of consistent ballet training is required before being considered for pointe work. Dancers with former pointe training may join the class at anytime. Dancers without pointe training will be evaluated on the first day of class and be given feedback about how their feet will do with pointe work and when would be a good time for them to begin training with pointe shoes.  Not interested in pointe, but looking for a quick strengthening ballet class? All dancers are welcome to participate in the class on demi pointe.

Hip Hop

This class teaches students isolating movements, rhythms, and basic hip hop techniques. Choreography will be taught and repeated in order for dancers to grow comfortable with movement before moving on. This is a class full of energy and repetition! Athletic wear, dancewear and clean tennis shoes would be appropriate attire.

Contemporary 1/2

Contemporary I/II is designed to provide students with a foundation in basic contemporary dance technique, improvisation, and basic floor work, along with combinations of movement, including improvisational movement, technique exercises, strength and balance exercises, floor work, and combinations across the floor. Athletic wear, dancewear, and bare feet would be appropriate attire.

Contemporary 2/3

A challenging and demanding technique class for experienced dancers! Come join in this intermediate to advanced class which incorporates challenging combinations, contact improvisation, choreography, and more. Athletic wear, dancewear and bare feet would be appropriate.

Jazz 1/2

This class will explore jazz technique and choreography in a fun atmosphere! Athletic wear and dancewear and jazz shoes would be appropriate.

Jazz 2/3

This class explores intermediate to advanced Jazz technique, including turns, leaps, isolations, syncopation, and stylization. Don’t miss an opportunity to find your inner Fosse.

Dance Conditioning

This class is a great companion to any of our technique classes, or can be taken solo. Students will work on both stretching and strengthening exercises geared toward dancers, but you don’t have to be a dancer to benefit! Appropriate attire would be athletic or yoga wear and bare feet. Yoga mat is optional.


This fun class is taught in an easygoing and upbeat fashion, designed as a getaway for the adult dancer. Tap is a very useful technique for anyone interested in performing in musical theatre. If you’ve always dreamed of being a tap dancer, this is your chance! This is a mixed level class which will be designed to cater to both those who have tap experience and those who have never danced before.