Windfall Classes Frequently Asked Questions

What classes are taught at Windfall?

Class schedules and descriptions can be found here.

I’m an adult beginner. Will I fit in?

ABSOLUTELY! Unlike most dance schools, Windfall cherishes its adult beginners. Students of all abilities, shapes, sizes and interests are what we’re all about. We believe it’s never too late to start dancing.

Where is Windfall?

Windfall is located on 1101 N. Dunn Street. at the corner of 14th and Dunn. 

How big are Windfall classes?

Windfall requires a minimum enrollment level of 4 paying students in order to run a class. If this minimum enrollment is not met a class may be cancelled. Details on our refund policy can be seen below

How do I sign up for classes at Windfall?

Register one of three easy ways:

  1. At the Windfall studio – 1101 N. Dunn St. in Bloomington
  2. Call – (812) 334-0506
  3. Email – school@windfalldancers.org

Where can I find information on class fees?

Class fee information can be found here. You pay less when you sign up for an entire semester.

Can I drop in to a class?

You can drop in to a class but pre-registering lets us know how many are interested in a particular class. If enrollment appears to be too low at the beginning of the session, a class may be cancelled. Also, semester prices are lower than drop-in fees.

Can I observe a class?

It is preferred that parents and friends wait in the lobby area while class is in session to help ensure minimal distraction for students and to help children maintain focus. If you are interested in a class, you are welcome to try the class on a drop-in basis to help make your decision.

How can I tell which level to take? Ballet I or Ballet II, for example.

The best thing to do is come to class and try it. If you’re not comfortable in the class or the instructor has concerns, try a different level. Teachers will tailor each class to the needs of the majority of students.

If no level is listed for the class, teachers will tailor the class to the needs of the majority of students.

What if I start the semester late or cannot complete the semester?

If you start late in the semester, your tuition will be prorated to reflect the classes you’ve missed. However, we do not prorate in advance. If you cannot complete the entire semester, please consider our Flexi-Pass or Pay-Per-Class options.

What is Windfall’s Refund Policy?

If WINDFALL cancels a course for any reason, you are entitled to a refund or a credit, whichever you prefer.  You may also transfer any remaining tuition to another Windfall class without penalty.  If YOU decide not to continue in our classes, Windfall can only issue a refund with a doctor’s written statement that you are physically unable to dance.  Other reasons, such as family emergencies, will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be subject to a $15 non-refundable cancellation fee.

What should I wear to class?

Ballet – Leotards, tights or leggings, ballet slippers for women. Tights, sweat pants, t-shirt, ballet slippers for men. Men may choose to wear a dance belt.

Modern – Ballet attire with and bare feet or loose pants instead of tights. Baggy over shirts should be removed after warm up to allow visibility the torso.

Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop – Same as above with tap or jazz shoes. Athletic shoes which are not worn outside can be used for Hip Hop.

You can purchase dance wear locally at our Windfall ReDance store, Campus Costumes, or Payless.

What’s the best way to get in touch with the School Director?

You will get a quick response if you send email to school@windfalldancers.org. The office is not staffed on a full-time basis.